e Learning Solutions
2. LearnSOFT e-Learning Solutions

Consolidated Academic Environment with LearnSOFT e-Learning Solutions, students enjoy Web-based access to course materials and knowledge resources. Instructors are liberated from manual/automated course administration, and administrators have a consolidated view of student and institutional performance across traditional, flexible, and distance education programs. LearnSOFT e-Learning solutions are a natural extension of LearnSOFT nexage educational solutions, the only academic and administrative platform specifically designed to deliver as its Learning Management System. As a result, the solution can be implemented in a matter of weeks with painless change management and broad adoption by constituents.

Hosting and Support for Your Learning Management System (LMS) benefits from a world-class learning management system without having to divert time and resources away from helping students. Campus Management can implement, host and manage the solution for you in a secure, world-class data center. LearnSOFT offers exceptional outsourcing alternatives for institutions that want access to the most advanced academic and administrative solutions without having to deploy, manage, and upgrade them.

For the Institution

LearnSOFT e-Learning is a proven and cost-effective way to enhance your academic services and outreach through the power of the Internet. By embracing Microsoft managed learning management software, you enjoy lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and the system can continue to grow and expand without costly upgrades.

  1. Managed hosting services
  2. e-Learning strategic consulting
  3. Change management consulting Training
  4. Institutional branding
  5. Data tracking and customized reports

For Faculty

LearnSOFT e-Learning makes it easy for instructors to develop and implement dynamic online course content.
  1. Full suite of teaching tools
  2. Easy-to-use course building tools and modules
  3. Course content management
  4. Consistent, easy-to-navigate pages
  5. Customizable learning paths
  6. Calendar and announcement features

For Students

The flexibility of LearnSOFT e-Learning Solutions benefits both onsite and distance students. The solution provides the sophisticated online learning environment that today’s students expect – enhancing the learning experience and, in turn, retention. Combined with your student information system, LearnSOFT e-Learning leverages data from across campus to improve academic services and provide a more complete picture of student performance and needs.

  1. Online registration and payment
  2. Integrated scheduling
  3. Academic progress data
  4. Hundreds of certified modules such as YUI (Yahoo User Interface) that extend the capabilities of LearnSOFT
  5. Live 24/7 help line

For IT Management

With LearnSOFT e-Learning, your IT department can deliver a comprehensive Learning Management System that enhances the educational experience. With less time spent managing the system and more time spent developing and enhancing the system, your IT department can deploy a dynamic learning environment for both online and hybrid programs. Additionally, LearnSOFT e-Learning can provide:
  1. Course and data conversion
  2. Professional services – implementation and integration
  3. Program consultation – academic design and strategy
  4. Online user-interface administration training courses for IT