Campus Management System
3. Campus Management System

Campus management software is specially developed for an educational institution or a group of such institutions. It helps management go hassle free. Le logiciel has developed this product after an extensive research on various educational institutions and has incorporated all the necessary functional requirements of an educational Institution.

Campus management system has been developed using state of the art in Microsoft Technologies to reduce the development and implementation cost substantially. No additional software needs to be purchased to implement LearnSoft CampusSM

College management software has 21 different software modules and 10 Utilities. The optional web module, when implemented, helps parents track the details of their wards’ attendance, mark, fee etc. The parents can log on securely to institution’s web site using an exclusive user id with password and track their wards’ performance.


College management system helps you to take advantage of your data in making vital executive decisions. It delivers targeted, individualized information to the appropriate audience, whether you are the institution's president or a student registering for class.


LearnSoft CampusSM is a integrated, traditionally campuses have a separation of campus functions. Front-end players trying to serve the faculty and learning-related front end functions, and back-end players focusing on the administrative functions and workflow. LearnSoft CampusSM solution, integrates these functions for a more unified and collaborative campus experience.

Internet - based

LearnSoft CampusSM Internet based. It meets the challenges and demands of Web-generation students. Prior to the Web's emergence, students travelled up and down the hall, from department to department, just to sign up for a class. Now with LearnSoft CampusSM Web Module, you can provide your students with a unique user centric experience, merging seamlessly all the processes and relevant information that a student needs to know into one point-of-contact. LearnSoft CampusSM System is very useful for:

  1. Universities & Colleges
  2. High Schools & Middle Schools
  3. Elementary Schools & Kindergarten Schools Public or Private Independent, Charter or Parochial
  4. Eliminate work duplication by making information seamlessly available to every department.
  5. Reduce Paper work, improve work efficiency, accountability and save time.
  6. Relieve Academic Staff from administrative workload.
  7. Reduce Result Processing and Publishing Time.
  8. Increase Parent Teacher involvement by improving their communication.
  9. Examine the academic performance of Students/Teachers/Classes easily.
  10. Get a complete picture of your financials by integrating financial transactions across all the departments.

Features of LearnSoft CampusSM

  1. Identity Card & Hall ticket generation with photograph and barcode
  2. Bar Code generation for Library books
  3. Messaging System
  4. Multiple user level access
  5. Approach towards NAAC and NBA
  6. Component based architecture
  7. Graphical Reports SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics Technology)
  8. Customization can be done as per the requirement of the purchaser as the product is highly extensible. Portable/scaleable
  1. Campus Management
  2. Department Management
  3. Admission Management
  4. Student Management
  5. Staff Management
  6. Library Management
  7. Accounts Management
  8. Inventory Management
  9. Hostel Management
  10. Transport Management
  11. Examination Management
  12. Laboratory Management
  13. General Management
  14. Management Report System
  1. Maintains all details of buildings in different geographical locations in an institution.
  2. The details of department from the date of inception can be stored under department history.
  3. Student and Staff application form can be entered and managed.
  4. Student's personal information such as password, address, qualification, extracurricular activities etc., can be maintained.
  5. Staff personal information, extracurricular activities, additional qualification can be entered and managed
  6. A complete list of the books that are available with the library can be stored and efficiently manage